Re: security apps/features

Madison Martin

I'm asking about uninstalling Norton, I'd never uninstall anything that has
Windows in the name.

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Hi, Madison. I don't know if you're asking if it's safe to uninstall Norton, or
if you're asking if it's safe to uninstall Windows Defender. Don't uninstall
Windows Defender. It's off right now, because you can't run two antivirus
programs at the same time, and you're already running Norton. You can't
uninstall Norton. You need a removal tool for Norton to uninstall it completely,
and you won't be able to download that until you fix your problem with Edge.

Bill White

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Subject: [win10] security apps/features

Hi all,
I was just wondering, is Windows Security the same thing as Windows Defender? I
have Windows Security on my laptop, and I see Windows Defender in some folder
called Windows Administrative Tools folder, I assume that means only
administrators can install/activate it? I'm asking about all this since I also
have Norton Security on hear and based on what others have said I'm wondering if
it's safe/okay to uninstall it. I don't know if I'll be able to uninstall it
though, when I've tried uninstalling other things I only seem to come up with a
delete button, no actual uninstall button. Anyway, simply asking all of this out
of curiosity, I look forward to your answers!!! Thanks Madison

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