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Mr. Ed

Hi monti,

As far as I am concerned since most other anti-virus software is not accessible with screen readers I would uninstall it and just use Windows Security which is already installed on your pc. After you uninstall the other program windows Security should come on by itself. Also these other antivirus software can cause issues with downloads and other things you will not be able to check anything on them or see if they are working properly as they are not accessible with screen readers. So this being the case what good are they if you cannot check on them. Where as Windows Security is accessible and is a very good antivirus.

Mr. Ed


From: [] On Behalf Of Monte Single
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2021 7:33 PM
Subject: [win10] norton apps


I understand that some new win10 devices come  with applications  such as Norton, mcaffee etc.

These are included by the machine’s manufacturer, and are sometimes a little difficult to remove.

With  the presence of m s security   is there a good reason to have these 3rd party programs?  Or are they more troublethan they are worth?






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