Re: Win 10 question on a dialog box for launching mp3 files


Winamp, Winamp is my primary, default ap for mp3/audio playback.
ITUNES is on my system too but the default is Winamp.

On 4/7/21, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Can you check the following options from Settings:
* Default music player
* Associated app for .mp3 file type
Both can be found under Settings/Apps/Default apps.
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Not edge or a browser issue, it is when I go to play a file that I down
loaded, not one I recorded on my system it seems to only do it on any mp3,
podcast music file etc, it puts up that darn dialog box asking me to check
it to listen to the file, it is just for that file so when I check that box
the next time I click on it it will not ask but for the next 40 it will and
that sucks.
also it is a windows dialog box i just checked to verfy.
Scratching my head! Smiles

On 4/7/21, Marten Post Uiterweer <> wrote:

You did not say in what program you have this problem, but I think it
is a browser.
If it is Edge or Chrome, the tab again and you will find an Options
Open this. There is anm opttion for do not ask again. or something
like this.

Regards, Marten

On Wed, 7 Apr 2021 12:37:11 -0700 "Sly"

Greetings All!
Had a question on a windows 10 setting.
Every time I click on a link to an mp3 file I get a dialog box asking
me if I am sure I want to open this file and to check this box before
the file will play.
This is a PAIN IN THE A**!
I am going through a folder with a ton of mp3 files and this will
slow down the process a ton.

Is there any setting to turn this nonsense off?
Thank you for reading and have a Great Day! Sly

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