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Madison Martin

How do I change it in Outlook? Using Office 365. I would still like to get the dictionaries and spell-checkers that are available, as long as they’re free. So if someone could please help me out with that I’d really appreciate it!!


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On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 05:21 PM, Madison Martin wrote:

as I know this is a Windows 10 question.

No, it's not.  Although MS-Office programs use the language packs available on the system, the specific one they use as the default is handled, unsurprisingly, in the Office Program you're working with.  Virtually anything related to Word is controlled in Word, Excel in Excel, etc.  You can change all sorts of things in Windows with regard to language that will not carry over to Office and vice versa.

In Word:
1. Hit ALT+R,U,P   Review Ribbon, Languages, Language Preferences.

2.  In the Word Options, Languages Pane that opens, navigate to the section entitled Office authoring languages and proofing grouping (it's after the grouping for Office Display language, which comes first) and you will land on the first of whatever languages are installed for Office.  In most cases, what will be first in the list is the language of the country that Office was set up for and it will be marked as preferred.  If it isn't the one you want, then down arrow through the list until you land on the language you want to have used for proofing, which includes spell checking.  For Canada, that would be English (Canada) or, potentially, French (Canada).  If this is not marked as the preferred authoring and proofing language, then tab to the Set as Preferred button, and activate it, which will reset the default language for authoring and proofing to the one you had been resting on in the list.

3. Navigate to the OK button and you're done.

All of the above is entirely involved with Office only, and applies under several versions of Windows.  It also depends on which version of Office is in use, but anything recent (I think 2010 or 2013 and later) works this way.

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