Mouse Issue in Win 10

Bill Powers

Hi All,


My wife has a new Dell 8940 desktop running Win 10 Home 20H2. It’s running NVDA and Magnifier to let me see things on screen. I set the mouse pointer to a yellow color so it’s always fairly visible on screen. I discovered a peculiar problem where any time I go to install a program after putting its files in the Download folder, as soon as install starts the mouse pointer loses its yellow color and becomes a standard white pointer and remains so until the computer is rebooted. I know it’s a slim chance here since most listers have no sight, but anyone else see something similar happen and is there a fix for this? If no answers I’ll call the “Boundless”, the vendor that set up the computer before we got it, and I guess barrin that, Microsoft Disability. But I want to see if anyone else has seen this issue.





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