How do I change the audio output of a specific program?

Kevin Minor



I have a program called Stascom. It gives the time, announces battery level, and will correct the volume of the sound device if it gets too low. Even though it’s no longer being developed, I like it. I have a small problem. It’s speech is going through my internal sound device, and I’d prefer it to go through the default device. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, but there’s nothing obvious. I looked in the program, and found nothing. I then thought it might have something to do with system sounds, but those go through the default device. I even checked out Microsoft speech, which is used, and that’s going through the proper device.


Any ideas? Something tells me this is a very simple fix. Oh yeah, uninstalling and reinstalling the program didn’t change anything.


Thanks in advance.


Kevin, Valerie and Jilly

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