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Hypothetically, folks can make it resemble the old Calculator (in fact, the old Calculator ships with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and Server) by modifying the app’s source code (it’s open-source now), but it is highly unlikely that Microsoft might be willing to take that suggestion into account as it is championing more modern UI design. To be honest with you all, Calculator is perhaps one of the most intriguing app to write workarounds for screen readers – I myself struggled with it years ago, and suffice to say that it has become more interesting to write workarounds for this app, particularly since a huge app redesign in 2019. Calculator is also one of these apps that demonstrate a need to keep up with things on a regular basis – things can change anytime, especially when anyone can submit changes to the app and Microsoft accepts them.




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On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 02:28 PM, Dennis Brown wrote:

Any free speech friendly calculators out there?

I still prefer "the classic calculator" over the new Windows 10 version.  I long ago downloaded the installer for Microsoft Calculator Plus (ZIP file), and it's what I use.

The link is to the installer on my Google Drive.  I have no idea if it's available from Microsoft anymore, but I had so much trouble finding it when I actually did on their site a couple of years ago I archived the installer (and have used it since).

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