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John Fitzgerald

From the desktop, I hit alt plus f4 to bring up the shutdown box, then I tab once to the ok button, and hit the space bar.  This works about ninety five percent of the time.


John Fitzgerald

Muse, OKlahoma


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It's hard to say if you're up to date or not since Microsoft doesn't send the same updates to everyone at the same time.  Someone more knowledgeable can explain how Microsoft does and why they do this.


What procedure do you follow to shut your computer down?  If you're pressing the power button it's possible your power button is set to, Log off, rather than shut down.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Well you can check for updates by going into setting > update and security > windows update and  click on the check for updates button


And your second question sounds like you have just logged out rather than shut down as that sounds like the lock screen to me, but I may be wrong on that



From: John Fitzgerald
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I have a couple of questions about win 10.


First, how can I tell if my version is up to date?  I have Version 2004

os build 19041.804


Second, What does it mean when, during a shut down, the desktop icons disappear,leaving the mouse arrow and a large clock with the date in the bottom left corner of the screen?  This has happened a number of times, and I have left the computer alone for up to an hour, only to find that nothing has changed.


Any ideas?


John Fitzgerald

Muse, Oklahoma



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