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I agree, to my knowledge there isn't anything in Windows 10 you "have" to change for Jaws to work better.

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It's hard to know what is meant by "optimal settings" -- Windows is meant to be quite configurable, and you can set it up just the way you like it. Anything that claims to be "optimal for jaws" is really just "optimal for a certain user". Maybe if you tell us what specifically you want to do or change, someone will be able to point you to the right setting. A thing to remember if you don't want to waste time poking around setting categories is that you can search for settings in the search box, and will usually be taken to the ones you want.

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Subject: [win10] windows 10 settings and jaws

Hi all,

I'm setting up my laptop after windows 10 was reinstalled over the weekend, and I had an old file with what I think were supposed to be the optimal windows 10 settings to work best with jaws but apparently what I have is out of date because I can't find some of the things that should be where the instructions in these files say they are. Does anybody have anything that shows current settings and how they should be set to work best with jaws?

Thanks, btw I'm not sure what version of windows 10 the files I have covered but it must've been starting around 1709 or maybe 1809. I'm now running version I think 20H2O? anyway it should be the latest version.


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