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Madison Martin

Yes we have a couple, or at least we used too. Yes it has Bluetooth.


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On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 07:29 PM, Madison Martin wrote:

I should also mention that this was a demo unit in the store; but it had what I was looking for in a computer, so they were quite okay selling it to us.

Then I will eat my underwear if this doesn't end up being a laptop keyboard in the process of failure.  Demo units get all kinds of abuse while being demos, and while that won't hurt most computer components, abuse of a laptop keyboard is an invitation to failure.

I misread some of what you said earlier, in that it sounds like you have several Bluetooth keyboards available in your household, and I am going to presume your computer has Bluetooth.

It really doesn't matter if the external keyboard you connect for testing is a wired keyboard, a Bluetooth Keyboard, or a wireless keyboard that uses its own dedicated dongle to communicate with the computer.  The idea is to be using any keyboard other than the one that's part of the laptop.  If the behaviors suddenly cease, and all behaves normally, you need to have the keyboard on your laptop replaced.  That, or keep using it with an external keyboard.

The use of another keyboard is to either rule in or rule out issues with the built-in keyboard.  If everything remains exactly as it has been with an alternate keyboard then the search for root causes continues.

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