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You will hear NVDA say “Desktop” if you:

  1. Minimize all windows (Windows+M).
  2. Switch between virtual desktops (in this case, you will hear “Desktop number” unless you’ve renamed the virtual desktop you are switching to).
  3. Actually open Desktop shell folder (via File Explorer).




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In practice, nothing, really.  The desktop is an actual folder, which you see in your own File Explorer, that has a special presentation method in the form of the actual desktop.  It's still a folder, and it's likely exactly when the screen reader starts speaking, and what occurred to throw focus, that is determining whether Desktop versus folder view is announced.

When I just now fired up NVDA, while sitting on my desktop, when it completed firing up it said, "Folder View List, NVDA, 99 of 114," and the NVDA icon has focus.  There was no intervening program involved.

And if I'm typing a message into the web interface like I'm doing now, and hit WinKey+D, never having taken focus off of NVDA when I left the desktop, it says exactly the same thing.

I know at one point or another I've heard Desktop announced, but I cannot recall exactly what the context was.  And I'm not referring to when you land on the Desktop item in the folder tree list in File Explorer.

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