Re: Letter from the head list representative: help me choose a person who will succeed me as forum owner #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 Forum family,

As of end of January, no forum owner nominations were received, possibly due to owner requirements. As a result, the incoming owner nominations and interview will be canceled for now. I still plan to pass on the list to the next group of leaders in the future.

Another undeniable thing: we are going through a historic pandemic. As this event is affecting many people (physically, emotionally, and for some, spiritually), I figured that it would not be a good idea to disturb the operation of this forum by just asking long-time members to succeed me (should no nominations come in). Therefore I will lead Win10 Forum cluster until it is the right time to nominate my successor (preferably after the pandemic is over) because the number one priority is health and safety of members as we navigate through the pandemic.

One last thing: a few weeks ago I announced that I will be removing bouncing addresses by February 9, 2021 (February Update Tuesday). I will indeed do it tomorrow (February 1, 2021). A final email notice will be sent to bouncing addresses, giving them 24 hours to unbounce themselves, after which these addresses will be removed.

Thanks, and please stay safe and healthy (and I would like to remind you: wear masks, wash hands, and follow guidelines from local health officials).



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