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           The search function of Windows 10 setting is your (the generic you) friend.  If you open settings and start typing battery, then down arrow, the first thing in the list of suggestions beneath the search box is battery saver settings, which if activated, takes you there.

            Immediately under the entry for Battery Saver Settings are Turn Battery Saver On/Off and Battery Saver Overview.

            Battery saver only kicks in at the "critical percentage" of remaining battery life that you choose, and the default on my machine ins 20%.  So until you reach 20% remaining power it does nothing.  So setting it on "all the time" really isn't "all the time" other than monitoring the remaining battery power.

             If you're trying to keep maximum functional battery life, change your power plan to turn off the screen very quickly when on battery power and you haven't done anything (say, 5 minutes) and to trigger sleep in not much more time (say, 10 minutes).  Firing back up from sleep is virtually instant and the power consumption when sleeping is minuscule, so you can go for many hours of use if you're not using continuously.

             There are scads of write-ups on Windows 10 Battery Saver: 


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