Re: What is Max Audio Pro?

Hamit Campos

Yeah looks like that article is old. Okay okay 2 years old. Thing is that our XPSs are just from last year now. Hmmmmm perhaps it would have done some good though for the Inspiron 3847 tower though. Are you using a Logitek surround sound system by the way?

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This may be what I'm looking for. My device isn't listed under the supported ones though, so I'm a little hesitant about trying it.

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I just assumed that someone would've found a way to remove it. But I
guess not.
I'm not sure if Waves MaxxAudio is the same as what you refer to as
"max audio pro", but [this GitHub
Drivers/) has been around for quite some time now which disables the
vendor post-processing for some Del devices. I'd reed everything quite
carefully before trying anything, but aside from getting a different
machine, this may be a solution that is worth exploring.


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