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Hamit Campos

The MSI Trident had none of these silly gimmicks. None at all. Just pure true nice widely panned stereo. Too bad it was $3300.

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Yeah the doubling effect. I hate it the Enspiron 3847 I had before this XPS had that garbage too. Oh believe me brother you are getting a boxy box TV effect kind of thing on the speakers. Sye Dell has killed the XPS. But yes as was already stated just go threw the list choose surrounds fronts center and sub and bam. A note of warning you'll get a gimik on the fronts and sides. Don't you dare try the disable all inhancements thing cause then kiss 5.1 bie. Yes surround sound is considered an inhansement by windows not an actual channel count. Sorry to ruen things for you a little more but guess what. Even over HDMI you'll get gimmicky audio. I have no idea why Dell is using these gimmicks. The double voice effect for instance can be cool for some things but not always and there's no way to shut it off. Or not that I know of. Oh and here's another little dab of disappointment for ya if you have the same luck I did with blu-tooth it'll connect your device to the what you hear driver and guess what that means? You now get that effect on your blu-tooth device. The Enspiron at least would give a cleen signal over blu-tooth.

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I just finished getting the new pc setup and have encountered my first hiccup. I plugged in an audio device, specifically trying to set up my
5.1 surround system through the three analogue inputs. But when I plug it in, something that's different from the traditional reatek prompt comes in asking me to choose rear, center, or main in. Instead I get somethng labeled max audio pro which gives me six different options; microphone in, headphones, line in, headset, surround speakers and one more I don't remember. Just what exactly is this and how do I go about setting up 5.1 from here? Plugging in headphones to the front headphone jack brings up the same prompt, and when I choose headphones it gives me a doubling effect, which I don't get on the speakers. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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