Re: Chicken Nugget (accessible twitter client) 4.71 released


Yes, Chicken Nugget’s been out for a while and was thought to have been abandoned by the dev, but he seems to have put out an update. Running the portable version fine with no issues on my PC




From: <> On Behalf Of Dave Grossoehme
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2021 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: [win10] Chicken Nugget (accessible twitter client) 4.71 released


Good Morning:  Has anyone tried this new application from the referenced link?



On 1/12/2021 5:21 PM, Cristóbal wrote:

Hello list,

As the topics of Twitter and accessible Twitter clients come up every now and then, a heads up As the subject states, a new Chicken Nuget was just put out.

Seems to have bug fixes and now supports alt text and other stuff.




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