Re: Letter from the head list representative: help me choose a person who will succeed me as forum owner #AdminNotice


Hi all,

To add to what I wrote earlier, here are some frequently asked (or would be asked) questions and answers about the forum owner role. Please read this to the end before sending nominations:

Q. Why do you call the role “head list representative?”

To clarify one duty of the forum owner: to represent the forum externally.


Q. What are the duties of the Win10 Forum owner?

Duties include:

  • Representing the forum internally and externally (especially more so if a need arises to communicate with owners of other forums hosted on Groups.IO).
  • Providing guidance on forum policies.
  • Staying up to date on Windows 10 ecosystem development, and if you are a Windows Insider, keeping an eye on Insider Preview builds and channels.
  • Communicating user concerns with app vendors, including Microsoft.
  • Advocating and facilitating advocacy in regards to Windows 10 ecosystem and accessibility for screen reader users.
  • Keeping Win10 Forum membership informed on Windows 10 feature updates through calendar events and such.


Q. What are some personal qualities a forum leader/owner must have?

Some of the leadership qualities include listening to and understanding diverse perspectives, ability to make forum-wide decisions under pressure in some circumstances, communication with members and between leadership team members, being an example member, taking responsibility for admin actions, and recognizing when it is time to pass on the baton to someone.


Q. Why did you exclude Microsoft staff from being nominated as forum owner?

The overall purpose of Win10 Forum is to serve as a convention center and a town square (aka a discussion space) for screen reader users using Windows 10 ecosystem. As it is a forum run by users, it makes more sense to let a user, not Microsoft staff, run this forum. There are Windows 10 related forums run by Microsoft.


Q. Why expertise or power user status in at least two screen readers?

This reflects a current trend in screen reading usage where people use multiple screen readers for various tasks. Familiarity with multiple screen readers also allows the forum owner to communicate with users of different screen readers, come up with common ground posts, and prevent Win10 Forum from becoming a forum centered around just one screen reader.


Q. You noted keeping an eye on Windows 10 ecosystem development as an ideal candidate requirement. Wy?

Windows 10 is a service, therefore things change rapidly. Understanding this concept and keeping an eye on Windows 10 ecosystem development is a key to informing members and make strategic forum-wide decisions such as feature update eras.


Q. Why is the minimum age for the ideal qualifications 25?

Different countries have different laws about age of adulthood. 25 was chosen so that it can be above typical age of adulthood as defined by many countries (some say 19, some say 20, others say 21, etc.). 25 was also chosen in hopes that the new owner would have had some life experiences and is prepared to handle leadership tasks, specifically interpersonal and intercultural communication.


Q. If I do succeed Joseph Lee, can I make forum-wide decisions on my own?

Not entirely. There are moments where you do need to make decisions on your own such as asking folks to suspend posting due to an issue with Groups.IO, but for critical decisions such as moving the forum to a new service or closing it, you should seek advice from members- after all, forums cannot exist without members, content, and goals, and you should listen to wise words from members you are leading, guiding, and representing. That is why I specifically asked people to think about the two phrases earlier: “I am sorry” and “you are right” to highlight the importance of trust when making decisions, and without being able to say it on your free will, it becomes harder to manage a large and diverse forum such as this one.


Q. Should I follow Joseph Lee’s leadership style when I succeed him?

It is really up to his successor when it comes to choosing and showcasing individual leadership style and forum management.


Hope this helps. I’m available to answer questions about forum management (send your questions offlist please in order to not clutter this forum).




From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee via
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2021 8:50 PM
Subject: [Special] [win10] Letter from the head list representative: help me choose a person who will succeed me as forum owner #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 Forum family,

Around this time last year, I announced my intention to retire from serving as forum owner/head list representative to concentrate on the next phase of my life. After some delay, I am ready to pass on the leadership baton to a qualified successor from amongst members. But I can’t decide alone – I need your help in choosing who will succeed me.


Prospective candidates must be:

  • A blind active user of Windows 10 since no later than January 2017.
  • An active member of Win10 Forum since no later than January 2018 and is known to provide useful contributions in various forms.
  • An active user of screen readers with demonstrated expertise (or power user status) in at least two of them. For the purposes of screen readers, Narrator does count as one. For at least one of them, the person must be considered an expert or had discussions with vendors.
  • Must be considered an adult where they live.
  • Have some experience with managing forums and some familiarity with Groups.IO platform (both web and email).


Ideal candidate qualifications:

  • A blind active user of Windows 10 for the last five years (since January 2016 or since Version 1607 era, whichever is earlier).
  • An active member of Win10 Forum since no later than January 2017 with documented evidence of useful contributions through various forms.
  • Must be at least 25 years old.
  • Must be familiar with most screen readers compatible with Windows 10 (Narrator included) with documented expertise in at least two of them.
  • Extensive forum management experience, including Groups.IO platform.
  • An active Windows Insider and is familiar with Windows 10 ecosystem concepts such as Xbox, Windows as a Service, understanding Windows 10 development news and such.


In addition, prospective candidates must be able to say the following things:

  • You are right: listening to different perspectives.
  • I am sorry: recognizing mistakes and learning from them.


You cannot nominate someone who was banned (dismissed) from Win10 Forum, and screen reader vendor staff (including Microsoft employees who are members of this forum) cannot become a forum owner in order to keep impartiality. Further, you cannot nominate Maheen (an owner of a direct predecessor of this forum who was banned on this forum due to vaporizing the predecessor forum without any notice whatsoever; vaporizing (closing) a forum without advance notice and consent of members is considered a critical offense, and anyone doing it cannot become a leader of this forum).


If you know a member of this list you think meets or exceeds the above qualifications (including if you think you do qualify), please send a nomination to Be sure to include the nominee’s name, qualifications, and why you think the nominee should succeed me. Nominations will be accepted until January 31, 2021 and prospective candidates will be announced shortly afterward. After that, I will be interviewing candidates in February, and based on a discussion between forum leaders, candidates themselves, and your nominations, I will make the final decision by March 1, 2021. Between the moment I announce my successor and Version 21H2 is released is considered a transition period (where my successor will shadow me as an intern owner empowered to make minor admin decisions), and a week after 21H2 is released, I will officially step down from my role as head list representative/owner.


So please think carefully and help me make a wise decision as to who will succeed me and make Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users a helpful and effective resource on using Windows 10 ecosystem with screen readers for years to come.



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