Re: Decent multipurpose Webcams?

Ann Byrne

This is the one we have. there are comments from observers that the picture is really clear.

1080P Webcam with Microphone for Desktop - Laptop Camera with Privacy Cover,Plug and Play Web Camera for Pc Video Conferencing/Calling/Gaming,Laptop/Desktop Mac, Skype/YouTube/Zoom/Facetime…;psc=1

At 06:01 PM 1/13/2021, you wrote:
Looking for something I can use primarily for zoom meetings or when
recording music, just basic video with me sitting at my desk with
headphones and guitar. Preferably something with decent autofocus and
maybe a virtual background to replace my bedroom as it's not exactly
the background I want to be showing people. lol Any thughts on the one
with the best accessibility? Thinking of this now ecause I just
recently got my new computer which, given as it's a desktop, doesn't
have a built in webcam. Thanks!

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