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Jerry Hogan

My house is 2 story and is 2850 square feet, I run a Eero router mesh system from my main router that is Google Fiber and I have 1 Eero upstair and 1 downstair in my back Master bedroom, I have a Cat5 cable from the front house and go out side to the back of my living room and I connect it to my wife Romanian streaming box so the Ethernet cable is connect right into the stream box, it work perfect I have to go now because I want to hear music to my ear about Thrump been impeach today. But Ethernet give you stable signal rather than WiFi.



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Good Day:  If you have enough antennas or extenders to cover the area you might have a good enough of a wifi to work with.  However, about a year ago I was in a bind.  I didn't have enough internet signal from my router to the computer and was forced to connect by cable to the router to get the job done.  So, it depends on how close you are to the router and how many walls, and what type of walls.  This can depend if you are trying to go from the first story to the second story.



On 1/9/2021 5:49 PM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi List,


I’ve seen   a couple messages on the list in the last 10 minutes,  and they seem to suggest that a wifi connection is more stable than an ethernet connection.

I would have thought the wired connection would be  better all round including things like zoom.

Would someone please clarify?





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