Re: How do I get out of the Cortana screen?

Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  Just for the sake of interest, is this a bug or is it just that Cortana is programmed to work this way?  Seems like a roundabout way to me, just to end a process you might not need or might have just accidentally triggered.  If it is programmed to work this way, then the people in charge should have a rethink because I cannot imagine the trouble it would cause if more apps must be terminated in such a nonsensical way.  Cheers!

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Cortana is a floating window, therefore you can’t simply let go of her by pressing Alt+F4. You must tell her to go by going to either:

  1. Task Manager, then Details tab and looking for cortana.exe and ending it.
  2. Settings (Windows+I)/Apps/Apps and features, select Cortana from the list of apps, go to Advanced options and choose Terminate.

This applies to Cortana second generation (Version 2004), which some of you should have encountered in one way or another by now.




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Where would all those settings be? I’m also having trouble exiting the application of Cortana even though I press alt F4 but does no good. Therefore, I just don’t use it unless I need to/restart my computer immediately afterward to get out of there. 

On Jan 9, 2021, at 6:29 PM, Adrian Spratt <adrian@...> wrote:

Hi, Bill. I copied your earlier directions on how to quit Cortana. Here, you add to make sure that Cortana's Background Apps setting is turned off. I can’t find that option. Is it hidden if it’s already turned off?


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Before you can find the Terminate button in Cortana, you must TAB to Advanced Options, and press ENTER. Also, make sure Cortana's Background Apps setting is turned off, as well as Start Cortana at logon.


Bill White



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Auh, yes I will try.

I know someone out there will probably correct me. Smile

So if I missed something, I hope they do


Ok, I went to my settings by going to start key and I

Then go to to system and arrow to the right until you hear aps

You have to tab down until you get to the listings of programs

Then you have to find terminate and space bar

In my case my cortana was checked to be in the back ground, so I unchecked that as well.

I think that was it

I apologize if I missed a step

But it was done over the phone




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Why don’t you tell us the solution, please


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Thanks to Bill White for showing me how to stop the Cortana screen go away

Thanks again

It’s appreciated


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