Re: reproducing a problem


I wrote this on another list, but be sure to provide details, including
commands you tried.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: [win10] reproducing a problem

Hi, Madison. All you do to reproduce the problem is to call Freedom
Scientific. After they're on the phone with you, Open Outlook, and read your
addresses until the problem occurs, or open Edge Favorites, and arrow
through them, until JAWS acts up again. This will help them to narrow down
the cause of the problem, so they can fix the problem in a future update of

Bill White

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Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 8:43 AM
Subject: [win10] reproducing a problem

Hi all,
I'm working with Freedom Scientific to try and fix my Jaws issue (Jaws
stopping speaking after reading a few Outlook addresses/contacts and Edge
favourites), but they want to know the steps that I'd take to reproduce the
problem, how on Earth do you reproduce a problem? Please help, as I've never
had to do this before. Also, as a side-note, if you've not done so already
if you're experiencing this same issue please report it to Freedom
Scientific, well they're hopefully going to be able to fix it for me, I
don't just want it fixed for me, I want it included in the next update so
that everyone who's having this issue can get it fixed. Thank you, Madison

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