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Hamit Campos

Ah I thought you were gona go Aurora. But any who. Sure well I was going to say once all is installed and setup I'd go to the Dell support site grab once it detects it your service tag and express code and make notes of them. Especially the service tag it's the easier 1. Download all drivers and so on. As to the cleen install for the person that asked why do it. Well to each his own. But here's why. Some and let me stress that some would rather clean up the PC and just have it as just a Windows pure PC. Trouble with this is sure you get rid of the trial of Macaffy sure you get rid of what ever else in this case Dell may have installed there. But oops, say bie bie to to the Siberlink software for your DVD writer to play DVDs or BDs if you got it with a BD writer as I did. Point is you choose. But there are things configurations and other reasons I would not personally do that. Again as I said before to each his own. Another thing I'd do if you were to adjust the sleep plan for instance, is make notes of the original settings. Now I know most hate Windows Media Player. I use it because of SRS Wow. So I made notes of the original slider settings for that too. As for the recovery partition. True it's there but Dell to make you spend an extra 20 bucks doesn't as I'm sure you've noticed give you your Win 10 DVD. You'd need it to use that partition me thinks. Brian if you've delt with a new Dell starting from 2014 please let me know if I'm wrong here but I remember this being the case with the Inspiron 3847 tower I replaced with the XPS. Other than that I'd just watch your self where you save stuff. Just remember to where you can choose the data drive. Or when you download things if it asks you where you want to save choose the Data drive where possible again. If you use ITunes relocate your library to that data drive if you want. Remember that's where things get put away. That's that for now. If I think of other stuff I'll let ya know but I think this is where I'd start.

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Hi all. I just got my new Del XPS 8940 gaming desktop today, and am going to set it up tomorrow. IS there anything I should be careful to do, or not to do? I haven't set up a new pc in years, so any help is appreciated. I've also been told that a smart thing to do might be to immediately do a clean windows install before really doing anything with it, but I also have no idea how to really go about doing that. Is the whole process for both set up and clean install accessible using narrator if I use the headset jack which I assume will work without me having to prompt it? I would just hate to accidentally lose sound in the middle of it with no sighted assistance around to help. Thanks!
And any other tips I didn't think of to ask about are welcome too!

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