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Hamit Campos

Good and if it’s AC you’re using that’s apparently according to WIFI AC marketing how it should be.


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To be clear, WiFi 6 does not use different channels than WiFi 5. WiFi 6E will, but those routers aren't available yet. So, if you have WiFi 6, you will see pretty good speeds, I can get 850 megabits plus, but that requires me actively managing which channels I am using, increasing my bandwidth, making sure there is no radar nearby stealing the channels I choose to use most of the time, etc. Routers with default settings aren't actually that good at managing connections, but WiFi can work great depending on how you manage it. Still not as good as wired, but with 850+ I don't notice the difference. Moreover, when running speedtests, ping times are no different wireless as they are wired, for me anyway. This may depend on the connection and the quality of router used, but for me, I see no difference.


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I’m in total agreement with Bryan  on  this one.that  is why we just ran a bunch of cat 7 wire from one end of the house to  the othe end o fthe house, as we just got gigabit from comcast x finity and so that  is  why we figure that  the wifi would not be able to handle those giga bit speeds and so that is why we just ran a bunch of cat 7 wire through the attic  and then split the cat 7 with a t connection and a switch hub and now we have the best of both worlds.   If we need to have HD 4k tv watching on a high band width they are hard wired where as all the smart speakers an that  sort of stuf that don’t need that  much band width are  on  wifi,  but our ubiquity amplify router now supports  wifi 6 so that  is  the channel that the wifi is on and that way there  is no one  on the street  that   has  wifi  6 and that way we don’t have any interfereance for the time being . 


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I disagree

I have no idea with what, as what you've said is just echoes precisely the objection I raised.  There are plenty of times where ethernet connections will be faster and more stable than a WiFi connection even could be.

For those who are in a "non-mobile" situation where whatever device they're using doesn't move, and the option to use ethernet exists, it's worth using it rather than WiFi, even if WiFi is an option.  There are times where even a stationary machine is in a part of the house/building where running cable is just not going to happen, and when that's the case WiFi is a godsend.

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