Re: to wifi or not to wifi

Hamit Campos

Yeah I use WIFI. I do prefer wire though. But then again I not only listen to the vids some if they are cool enough I'll download with Pontis.

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I am one of those. My laptop sits in a specific location, and never
moves. Also, I can see over 45 or so wireless networks in my
apartment, so the performance hit will be alot higher due to interferance.

Mine is similar. The laptop only moves when it is to be taken with me out of the building. I had Ethernet cable professionally installed in the apartment during rennovations.

If you are using WiFi, as I certainly am for other devices, choosing a relatively clear channel in the 5GHz range is a good idea. I don't know of any Windows applications for scanning the WiFi channels, but I would expect they're available. My router can do it.

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