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Ricky Lomey

Thanks hope for the below, you mentioned it once before but just to clarify please, is the script you mentioned yesterday for Chrome or Edge, the RSS finder in Chrome seems to do what I want it to, though in some cases, being one example, one has to go to a specific section like news to get the feeds but that's okay, so now it's just Edge and again, do you use a hotkey for the script in Edge, sorry for repeating but I need to know how to get to RSS with my keyboard when installing it or the other script in Edge, Edge is my default browser within Outlook 2016 so I can click on site addresses within emails or from web page grabber and search for RSS instead of having to always copy and paste and exit Outlook to go into Google Chrome all the time which is why I ask.



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Also correction on my part. Well sort of. This is the script you want.I also have the other one, RSS feed finder installed, but upon closer investigation, it doesn't do much lol.

On 1/8/2021 4:18 AM, Hope Williamson wrote:
you can reply to me if you wish. I'm not sure if you're talking about
the RSS feed finder userscript I have installed or something else.

On 1/8/2021 3:22 AM, Ricky Lomey wrote:
Hi list

Regarding my message about the Edge Rss, I Wasn't sure whether or not
to reply to Hope Williamson offlist, I don't like just contacting
individuals offlist unless they contact me, also it is RSS fetcher,
not recher, typo, sorry.

Ricky Lomey

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