Re: Thoughts on a New Gaming PC?

Hamit Campos

Ah cool. $1700. Well let me know then how the audio is on the Aurora. Now you've decided if you wish email me off list and I'll share my views on the XPS. Or at least my views as compared to what I've come to understand an XPS to be and how it's let me down. Lol.

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Thanks Russ, that does help. Any thoughts on what Jaffar said about screen reader support? I haven't heard any complaints so far other than that.

To everyone else, thanks. I think the Alienware looks like the most promising so far. Hamit, both of the computers are discounted to $1799, so I would say I'm ok with spending up to around there, whether that's full price or, preferably, a discounted rate.

On 12/21/20, Russell James <> wrote:
I can recommend Dell XPS and Alienware computers.
For their desktops and laptops.
Mostly because of the support we have received. while on warranty.
They are usually similar performance.
The alienware are usually easy to work on and they encourage you to
get into the machine.

We have also had good results with Latitued laptops for business/students.

One of the gamers used to only do Alienware but has had good results
with MSI gaming laptops recently.

Hope that helps


On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 5:17 PM Jaffar Sidek

Hi Clement. With all that has been written regarding Del and it's
apparent bad behavior towards screen readers, and NVDA in particular,
Perhaps Del isn't the right choice at this moment. Have you
considered HP or Lenovo? I just, bought a new laptop for media and
programming work, and While Lenovo came quite highly recommended, I
chose HP over it because of having less Bloatware. I got myself a HP
laptop Envy model for about 2,500 USD, 32GB of ram, 1TB SSD storage
and an Intel I7 processor, and have Reaper and lots of programming
tools installed on it and am reaping the rewards of it's stability. Cheers!

On 22/12/2020 3:48 am, Clement Chou wrote:
Hi all. With boxing week starting this week, I'm looking into
getting myself a new pc for gaming and other kinds f media related
work. Del seems to have some decent deals right now, and I have the
two particular ones below in mind. Anyone more knowledgeable than
me have thoughts on these, how expandable they are, whether they're
decent, etc? Thanks. MY first time making a major computer investment.

XPS special Edition Desktop
Alienware Aurora r10 Ryzen Edition Gaming desktop

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