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Hamit Campos

There are Aurora vids on youtube. I'd try and ask someone that has 1. I'd say call new egg but you have to be a member. I don't know man try calling Dell themselves and asking them. I have the XPS. I'll keep my feelings to myself. I'll just say it is a cool design. It is small compared to even the 8930 before it. You could get 1 and see. Just because I had sulty luck doesn't mean you will. How much are you going to go for with this? I really do also recommend the MSI Trident. Check new egg. They had an 800$ configuration once. That $3300 1 was at the Microsoft store. If you go Aurora though by the way that's Alianware. Not Dell. That's a story for off list if you wana geek out.

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Anyone got word on how expandable the Aurora r10 is, in case I want to add extra drives, more audio IO, etc?

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Yes, even my Lenovo updating the bios is accessible.

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I would go with the Alienware. I know someone who has one, I've used
it while I was at his house for a week, and loved it! even updating
the bios is accessible, or was the last time this person did it.
By the way I didn't know this but Origin pc, the company where I
bought mine split from Alienware, so I basically have a better pc
because of the split, and that was 3 years ago.
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<Http://> On 21 Dec 2020, at 11:48, Clement
Chou wrote:
Hi all. With boxing week starting this week, I'm looking into getting
myself a new pc for gaming and other kinds f media related work. Del
seems to have some decent deals right now, and I have the two
particular ones below in mind. Anyone more knowledgeable than me have
thoughts on these, how expandable they are, whether they're decent,
etc? Thanks. MY first time making a major computer investment.
XPS special Edition Desktop
Alienware Aurora r10 Ryzen Edition Gaming desktop

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