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Hamit Campos

Ah Brian this would be like the third time I’ve heard of it. I’ve heard stories of some Realtek cards doing this. Jonathan Mozen’s own laptop does it or whom ever demoed the JAWS feature. It’s never happened to me but with blu tooth and that being that what gets cut is the first half. Yes as the cracking gets worse and worse you get something like what this thread is about. Easy enough to fix though just re-boot your blue tooth device and be carefull of where you are with it. Lols.


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On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 02:40 PM, Bill Powers wrote:

Why would there even be a need for either a sound card to go to sleep, or if this were simply a JAWS issue, why a sleep mode for it?

All sorts of hardware can be put to sleep after some set period of lack of being called on and it's mostly for power reduction purposes.  But I have never heard of the issue Silenzio addresses occurring for other than Bluetooth audio output.  Most sound cards that are internal devices can be reactivated so quickly that the end user never even knows they'd been put into sleep mode.  If what you're using it for is to cure a problem with an on-board regular sound card, not a Bluetooth audio output device, then yours is the first time I'm hearing of that issue "in the wild," as I like to put it.

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