Re: Computer Cutting off Ends of Sounds

Hamit Campos

Ah who knows, maybe. But still the audio is screwed up. Audio ducking just turns down stuff as you said. What they are describing is more like what happens with blu tooth but in reverse. They’re missing out on the end of letters and words. I have seen stuff like that but by hitting keys whilst JAWS is talking. I don’t really know why that is happening.


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Is it possible that she has something like audio ducking turned on. I'm glad that I don't have this problem at present, because I would have to  go  looking for the setting somewhere in the sounds panel that tells the synth to do nothing when other media are in operation. For example, having an audio stream playing through Winamp, the stream would take a bow while the synth is speaking.


Don't know if this applies, just a thought.



On 12/19/2020 9:29 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

I personally suspect a failing soundcard.  But even if it is not, there's very little anyone can say definitely without at the very least the make and model of the computer (or the sound card itself if the machine is custom built).  It would be really helpful to know the age of the machine, too.

What happens when you try to play media, whether YouTube Videos, CDs, etc.?   Is the issue universal to all sound types?

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