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Hamit Campos

Ah for future reference the Dell support page can scan your PC and it’ll pull the right page for it moddle and all. Make note of the service tag that way you have it at hand. That’s what I did with the last tower and this thread reminds me I should pull the support page for this XPS and make note of those tags. The service tag is the easier 1 because it’s just a few letters and numbers the other thing the express service code is mad long.


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            There are scads of Inspiron laptops.  This line has been produced for decades.  A model would be something like Inspiron 1720 (it would be even more detailed, actually, but that would be close enough to know the family - I know of no way to get the actual model number via any query to the computer).  I presumed a Realtek Audio card, actually, but you've given no information about the driver, which is essential.

             That list of what's needed was given for your benefit, and the benefit of others in your shoes.  The information on it is necessary, not optional, and I even gave detailed instructions where I thought such were required.

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