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Hamit Campos

Ah amen to that. How ever if you plug the hi end cans to a trashie mother board it’s still trashie mother board audio but now super exposed. Lol. Hence why for music I use my Zoom H6 and Audio-Technica M50X BT headphones. Ah any who I don’t think we really answered the screen reader question have we? We went on tangants about audio and what PCs are epic and what not. Someone like Brian correct me here but for the basic question of whom is better for screen readers? A PC is a PC is a PC. In other words meh who cares. JAWS should work on the most crappiest crap PC up to what ever the PC equivalent is for Apple’s Mac Pro is. Obviously the cheese grader 1 being the most famous. Where brand may or not matter is laptops with touch screens and if you want to touch at all. JAWS I think wants to have 10 touch points as a must.


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Hi Brian,

This why I use a set of high quality headphones. They provide the premium experience of sound one would want.  I don't use laptop speakers.

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As it messed up screen reader output and caused memory leaks, I disabled all audio enhancements.

And if and when this happens, one must.  I have DTS audio on this machine - no issues.  I've not used the Envy with the IDT/Beats Audio enough yet with NVDA to make that statement.

As to the quality of speakers argument, there is no way to make a "good speaker" in the size that can be wedged into a laptop.  I don't care if it's through signal pre-processing with boosting of various sorts or whatever else, I just care whether I can hear it reasonably well when I need to.  Clearly I do not doubt the testimonies that have been given here with regard to issues with certain audio drivers and screen readers not "playing well" with each other.  At the same time, I can count on less than two hands the number of topics I've seen on this over the years I've been here, so the issue is clearly not a really common one.

Built-in speakers on virtually any computer are pretty much crap.  You've got to have a decent set of external speakers if you want to have any hope of having the kind of sound one gets accustomed to from other things that use them as well.

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