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Hamit Campos

Bro I feel ya. Well on the lap top it was okay audio. I love that old 2012 Enspiron. But the 2 towers no pun intended their audio sucks mad hard. The reverb thing is fun for a while but meh gets old. I know what effect they are going for. Have you ever when you're in someone's car depending how they park next to something heard that shadow effect that makes it sound like there are 2 cars? Yeah it's that kind of stereo reflective audio thing they're going for. Again depending on what you are playing could be fun,
But not practical for most things. Be ware of shutting off all inhancements. Remember surround sound is considered an inhancement.

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Dells audio drivers are so annoying. I have a laptop that I still can't get that spacial thing to turn off on no matter what I try. I was able to disable it on a friend of minds laptop but couldn't do it on mine. It really screws with screen readers that.

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I have had a lot of my friends have issues with dells.

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Sigh, the credit card way to stop the payment is already too late, but
thanks for your suggestions. I really think the Dell technical was so

During the consultation for the ram issue, he has requested me to try
pluging in another ram stick myself.
I have explaint to him that I am a visually impaired and I need NVDA,
he still asked me to try uninstalling NVDA.

The next time when I contact him again I will tell him that I will
never buy a Dell product again, and I will highly recommended my
friends here not to buy a Dell product, if my ram issue keep on not properly handled.

Brian Vogel 於 12/12/2020 2:36 寫道:

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 07:48 PM, William Wong wrote:
Dell mentioned to me that they can only let the product be returned or
replaced if they proof that the product has problem, but at this
moment, they still think that this is not their problem.
William, what follows is probably not applicable to you after this
much time, but I'm putting it out there so that others might avoid the
situation you've found yourself in. There is no rational way that
Dell is not "the problem" in your scenario, whatever they say.

If you have the option to buy a computer by credit card, exercise it.
Your credit card company can, and most often will, protect you when
disputes such as this come up. Depending on the company, and what the
rules are where you are located, you can ask them to retract payment
(or refuse payment, if you haven't already paid), for defective
merchandise. A brand new computer that exhibits these behaviors would
be considered defective by any credit card company I've ever dealt with.

Once you have confirmed that the credit card company will refuse or
retract payment, box it up and send it back, and include a letter
stating exactly what has been done with the credit card company, and why.

You don't have to put up with blatant abuse and incompetence from
manufacturers, nor should you. But there is a limited amount of time,
but it's usually beyond your next billing cycle and can extend up to
90 days in some instances, where payments can be retracted. I have
done this once, and I cannot even recall right now what it was for
since the incident was years ago. But having done this made it
entirely clear that I was not going to put up with the crap the
business was giving me nor continue to play run-around in order to run out the clock on my ability to return.

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