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Hamit Campos

Wow 3 K just like the Trident. So gelus Sarah. So gelous I am. Lol. No but I’m surious the audio of an MSI Trident is glorious. Thus next time Jose and I build 1 I’ma get an MSI motherboard. I’m going to ask them though which will get me close to the Trident. What PC do you have?


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This is why I got a $3000 pc that will last me for 5 years. It is a custom built thing that is still going strong. No memory leaks, no nothing, the only thing I didn't do was to get a bigger ssd drive for my windows, I thought at the time 500 gigs was enough but I want to get a 1tb drive at some point. I plan on buying from these guys again. It's expensive, but worth it. Your base pc will be about $1500 which is plenty good for me, next time I think, as I do my gaming on a shadow pc which always gets updates.


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If you build your own PC or work with a company that can custom build it for you, you can make sure that only a minimum installation of the operating system is done – no extra, vendor-supplied drivers or software that can cause reliability issues.


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I am running a Lenovo desktop.


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On my Lenovo ThinkPad T480. I used FN==+exc to lock the function keys in

F1 to 12 mode. Now my special keys have to use the FN key to work.

Dell had this same problem on desktops when xp came out. Everyone had to

buy sound cards, because Dell kept stateing its your screen reader

software and we don't support that.



On 12/10/2020 6:45 PM, Mike Capelle wrote:

> LucklyLenovo did not do this, so my keys worked as should.


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> screen readers than others?


> On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 05:35 PM, Jerry Hogan wrote:


>     Why you did not purchase  a keyboard with a dongle or connect a

>     keyboard with a USB end? This will work very well with out the

>     function  key.


> -

> When function key control is UEFI/BIOS driven, it will not matter

> whether you are using the built-in or an external keyboard under most

> circumstances.  It's at the firmware level where how these behave is

> determined.  They will be treated equivalently whether from the built-in

> or an external keyboard.


> I've had to tweak my HP computers because the function keys are

> initially mapped as media, display, and volume control keys.  And the

> only way to do that is to disable the feature in UEFI/BIOS.


> Some makers do allow this to be handled by a utility within Windows.

> Depending on the exact make/model, some of the Lenovo family of

> computers have this.  From Lenovo Support:


> You may want to disable the hotkey functionality of the function keys

> (F1, F2, and so on) in Windows 8.1/10, to avoid having to press Fn to

> use the function. The methods differ by models: (help me to find my

> product name/serial number


>   * *Lenovo-branded products*

>   * *Think-branded products*


> *Note:*

> For some models like Yoga 900s or Yoga 910, hotkey settings have been

> removed from the BIOS configuration. Use Lenovo Settings


>   * Hotkey Mode is missing after flashing BIOS to 43 or later version -

>   * The option of enabling function key is missing from BIOS - Yoga



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