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Hamit Campos

Ah I then may have to have one of my nieces or nephews do it then. But seriously me thinks I’ll have that friend of mine Jose build it next time either in 2025 or 2026 or 7 even. I’ll see what glorious sounding mother board I can get from MSI and that will be that. Man if you have 3 grand to burn an you want yourself an epic PC grab an MSI Trident.


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Hi.  I just bought a HP laptop which comes prepackaged with Mcafee.  I couldn't remove it at first and I desperately wanted to because I just don't like Mcafee, which was a trial version anyway.  So I went to settings/apps/Apps and features and pressed the space bar to select it.  Then I tabbed to the list of programs present on my computer, arrowed down to macfee and again, press space bar to select it.  I then tabbed once to the "Uninstall" button.  once pressed with the space bar, I alt-tabbed to Mcafee which popped up, then used NVDA's OCR, and arrowed down to yes option which was included in the pop up uninstallation dialog, and pressed the enter key on it.  The uninstallation process will then take you to a web page which asks you for your reason to uninstall Mcafee.  I ignored it.  Once the uninstallation is complete, you are then required to restart your pc, and voila, Mcafee no longer exists on your pc after the restart.  Of course you are required to alt-tab in and out of the mcafee during the uninstallation process, then press the NVDA key plus R keys to read what is going on, but you will eventually get there.  Cheers!

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Someone mentioned getting rid of Macaffy. Did you try that Bill? I did but can't make it go away.

This is an aside, but it is an important one.  The trend even since before Windows 10 is toward many third-party security suites causing unexpected issues.  At this point, I neither know why nor care to, first because it's something the software maker would have to fix, and second because Windows Security has been a top tier product almost since its introduction in the form used under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

I only recommend Windows Security these days because it has never, at least yet in my personal experience, had any unintended consequences (and I don't count the occasional false positive from any product as an unintended consequence).  When something is "set it and forget it," and highly ranked by third-party testing organizations that settles the choice for me.

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