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Hamit Campos

Ah USB speakers would be better for speakers. The thing about well even 1 of the SoundBlaster PCIE sound cards is that they will sound better supposedly and hopefully they don’t have the gimiks Dell or maybe Realtek puts on the Dell motherboard. Also a USB or PCIE sound card would be better if you want to record. The built in audio usually has too much floor noise. But that’s for some place else. I’ll just say I use my Bose Companion 5 multimedia speakers and for input I use my Zoom H6. I use it as an audio device too.


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In the long run do you think a usb speaker is better or usb sound card is better?

I do not always use headset


JM Casey 10/12/2020 22:52 寫道:

There are lots of them. I know that’s not specific but really, you can just get something for a very low price, especially if all you want to do is run your screen-reader from it. You can still use your Realtek for everything else and hopefully not run into these issues, since they seem linked with how screen-reader is always accessing the audio – presumably a music player for instance would not cause the same problems.



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I think the driver is like malware haha.

I have try the following steps and the driver still can reactivate some time.

1. uninstall via applications of setting

2. disable the service via msconfig

3. disable the task during startup

4. set the driver folder security level to forbidden access


For usb external sound card, do you know if there is any usb speaker that is cheap?


Mike B 10/12/2020 12:04 寫道:

What about if the Realtek soundcard was disabled all together and a USB soundcard was used instead?

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I don't turn off WiFi on my PC; I simply turn off the modem-router (or whatever type of router you might have) before even starting.  You can't connect to a WiFi network that is not broadcasting, and you can't connect to others around you for which the PC has no password or previously established connection.


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