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Hamit Campos

Ah I have an HP laptop. It's fan stresses out too easily.but that's another topic as that's a hardware and bad design issue. It worked well enough when it did. Won't use it as much of an HP comment as it's a $300 meh laptop. I too had a Dell and that thing was epic.

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In my experience I've had no problem with HP desktops. I can't say I know much about their laptops, because I've never used one. I had a Dell laptop that worked for 5 years until it died last year.

On 12/10/2020 7:50 AM, Hamit Campos wrote:
Wait is yours still seezing up? Mine too but meh since Dell seems to be kind of finiky I didn't return it. I perhaps should of. But to be honest the PC is fine well enough besides that too many programs open and kiss JAWS bie bie issue. But however I've now seen but wouldn't be able to tell why it happens it's more a JAWS thing than an XPS thing. I know this now because I can boot up Narator and re boot JAWS and then all is good in the world. Lol. Bill I guess sadly sye Brian is right. It is a lucky draw now. Especially with these guys lowering the standards. Dell has officially killed the XPS. Standards wize I mean. This 1 I got is not what I know an XPS to be. So to rap it up do you have any friends like Brian? Or someone like Rick Harmon? Because from 2025 onwards I'm asking a friend to build me one. Or hell maybe I'll get it from Sweet Water. As they build PCs and they build them with DAW use in mind. But yeah wanted to share my JAWS observation with you all. All though the PC did lock up 2 days ago. Someone mentioned getting rid of Macaffy. Did you try that Bill? I did but can't make it go away.

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Hi all,

I am not sure if this is suitable to be discussed here, do let me know if this break the group rule.

As my ram issue with Dell computer, I lost all my trust in Dell computer.

Dell has no understanding about screen reader and suggested that the ram issue is not related to them.

However, I have tried all means that friends have suggested, and seemed that the issue is not properly fixed.

If Dell cannot offer further assistance, no refund can be offered, the only option is to pass this newly bought pc to my sister and I bought a new one.

I do not have much income, buying that Dell pc is already a big amount for me.

I would like to know, next time when I bought a pc, which brand of pc
manufacturer that I can trust it, which it can go well with NVDA.



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