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Hamit Campos

Ahahaahahhaha funny Brian. Yep totally forgot the lemon reference.Boy Dell was having some strange luck at the time weren’t they. Ahaha. Bill got a lemon in what ever line yours is Bill I forget now but I do remember it’s a work station though. As for me I got an XPS lemon. Lol. So that’s 2 1 in each line.


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           Note and note well, I said "can happen" not "will happen."  What has occurred for you is an exceedingly rare occurrence.  I know that I, and several others, said to you upon its appearance that the machine should have been promptly returned, but it's almost certain that time window is closed now.  What you have had occurring is not typical, nor should it be considered "normal."

            When any computer exhibits the kind of problems yours has, almost immediately after being set up, they should be returned.  Lemons, as cars that are problematic from new are often called, exist in every other product line, too.  You virtually never get a good fix on a lemon.

             It's entirely possible, I'd actually say probable, that there are many screen reader users who have your exact Dell model and use it without incident.  If what happened to you, or anyone with a similar issue, were commonplace there would be a lot more information, and legitimate complaining about the situation, out there.  The odd isolated, or very limited, incident is just that.

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