Re: Send and receive hot key?

Hamit Campos

Actually what is the defacto key to do it though? Here’s why I ask. Yes control inter will do it and I was going to say that from the beginning but I did too wander if there was a defalt key because when you install OutLook out of box and the first time you do it you get that box that says hmmmm you hit control enter. You wana use Control enter to send messages then? Then you have to check the box to say yes and the other 1 that says don’t show this again. So I wandered if something else sent by defalt and what control enter itself does by defalt. Again just because you get that question.


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On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 12:56 PM, chris judge wrote:

Control enter will send it.

Yep.  Stupid "write-o" on my part.  It is absolutely CTRL+Enter for sending.

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