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Jason White

A good first test would be to make sure you can ping the router from both machines. It should have an address in the same subnet as both of them


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Thanks Brian, I will report back, have a bit more setting up to do, I can’t believe it, I can’t be sure but I may have had the vpn running when I was trying to ping the other machine as well L

It was never going to work with the vpn running but also, the network location needed to be set.






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             I cannot recall whether this is one of those changes that requires a restart to take effect or not, but do report back after you've restarted.
             By the way, I created a Feedback Hub suggestion:  Settings Search should return something when searching on "Public" or "Private"
Anyone who agrees that the appropriate network settings where switching the Network Profile should be returned should have a look and either upvote, comment, or both.

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