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Mike B

I went into, services.msc, and disabled it there.  But, I did learn a few things about using the old style task manager and msconfig, which I had forgotten I had installed to experiment with.  In the old style task manager this TextInput feature shows on the Applications tab, which there isn't an applications tab in the default task manager, and I couldn't end the task using the old style task manager.  Thanks again for getting me pointed to the correct place to shut it down.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I doubt that can change things.

What Mike wrote confirms what I thought was happening: JAWS Key+F10 will present a list of top-level windows, which is quite an interesting approach to show a list of tasks. But there are more effective ways to show list of tasks (or in some cases, top-level windows), such as:

  • Task View: Windows+Tab (since Version 1803, it can show you recent activities)
  • Task switching: Alt+Tab (made more useful or somewhat confusing with Version 20H2 thanks to the ability to switch between Edge tabs)
  • Static task switching: Control+Alt+Tab (you can either press this key combination once or hold down Control+Alt and press Tab repeatedly to cycle between apps)



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