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On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 12:15 PM, Jason White wrote:
if BitLocker encryption was used on the drive, then you won’t be able to read it on another machine without the encryption key.
Absolutely true.  And, in a case like this, makes you doubly doomed.

I thank heaven that BitLocker is not on by default and very few know about it and enable it.  The current frenzy for encrypting everything is just that, a frenzy, and causes all kinds of heartache.  Any sort of malfunction on an encrypted drive almost ensures that any easy recovery of the data will be impossible, and even extremely difficult and expensive recovery may prove impossible.

There is no home user that I know of that needs all data on an entire drive encrypted.  Encrypt files, if they're sensitive, or folders when necessary, but leave the drives as a whole alone unless you are dealing with NSA/CIA level secrets for all you do.  One of my favorite quotations regarding cybersecurity:

In the computer security field, we often say that one doesn't need Fort Knox to safeguard a broken bicycle.

     ~ Glenn Glazer, M.S. ’07 UCLA Security & Cryptography,

        April 25, 2019, in Message on Beta Group

Most of our data, which should be backed up to begin with, would fall into the "broken bicycle" category.  No one wants to steal my 20 years of pictures, or my old letters, or most of what's on my computer.  It has no value on any market, except perhaps the blackmail market, and in that case both the data that could be used as well as that market is exceedingly small indeed!


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