Re: Windows 10 password question

Jason White

Brian’s advice is correct, with one qualification: if BitLocker encryption was used on the drive, then you won’t be able to read it on another machine without the encryption key.


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              No.  Their best bet will be to pull the system drive from the machine and connect it to another as an external drive  After they go through the dance of getting access to the file and folder hierarchy after it's connected, they can access anything on the drive

              This is a good chance to remind people that in this cyber age, if we're doing what we should to protect ourselves with passwords, PINs, etc., that having something in place to pass that information on to either our executor(s) or other loved one(s) upon our passing needs to be in place.  I've had this happen with some of my clients, too.  It makes the process of taking care of affairs that need to be taken care of much more difficult if you don't have that information.


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