How to stop repeated screen echo

Peter Tesar



I’m using the latest versions of: Jaws, NVDA, , Windows 10 H2 and Google Chrome.


It was very difficult to create a new account when my typing and browsing was repeatedly interrupted with messages.

It is going to be difficult to do online ordering from this department store’s

web site.


If I don’t touch the keyboard, I hear messages:

   Black Friday starts early… 5 of 11

   Ware house sale, up to 80% off 2 of 11

   Shop online or pickup curbside…6 of 11


Not all 11 messages are heard and the web page has only 1 list with 5 unrelated items.


I thought that the Jaws Insert plus s would stop this. The command is supposed to cycle Screen Echo between echoing highlighted text, all text and none.


The NVDA Insert plus s command turns Speech Off completely. 

I will need to browse the products and add items to a cart.

Is there a way to block these repeated highlighted messages?


Thank you,


Peter T.

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