Re: settings app crashes when I try and enter game mode settings

Sarah k Alawami

Yeah I know why. And actually you are the only one who has complained. There was indeed a crash, the settings app just goes away. I have many sighted viewers on twitch who actually like what i use to record/edit etc. Anyway I think I do know what the issue is. If I am right I will be writing to the nvda list probably some time this week, as I think we have a broken add on on our hands.


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On 22 Nov 2020, at 15:34, Brian Vogel wrote:


            I don't know what in heaven's name you used to record this, but it is hellishly difficult to watch.  It's like a psychedelic acid trip with a mini window bouncing around on top of changing colors that veil larger stuff behind it.  I got through as much as I could, and did not see a crash.  Same behavior for the fix MP4.

            If your intention is to provide something like this to potential assistants, that you use something else, anything else, to record what you're trying to capture.  For myself, I find what you've offered entirely unusable.  And this is not meant personally, as I have no idea whether you've ever received any feedback on whatever it is you're using, or if you'd ever used it before.


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