Re: settings app crashes when I try and enter game mode settings

Tyler Wood

Not over here.

I also searched on google (as I’m also assuming you did too) and did not see anything related to this.



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Subject: Re: [win10] settings app crashes when I try and enter game mode settings


Well, that's all well and good. Now, can anyone else reproduce this what ever this would be called? See OP for steps.


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On 22 Nov 2020, at 11:24, Brian Vogel wrote:


         At the moment, even if you were inclined to attempt a repair install, it would not be able to complete.  The bug that's blocking the "Keep files and apps" choice for a repair install has been fixed, and is available for manual download, but has not been pushed out via Windows Update yet.  I believe it's supposed to go out in very early December.  Information on the preview update that fixes the repair update bug can be found here: KB4586853 CU Windows 10 v2004 build 19041.661 and v20H2 19042.661

         I'll add information to the topic I created when this bug was first being reported once I know that the fix is going out by Windows Update.  By the time it is pushed out it may be part of an entirely different KB number cumulative update.

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