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Lynne Moore

Hi Hamit,

Thanks for the advice.  I didn’t know Dell was having trouble.  I finally got the update to work, but not without a great deal of work.  I really appreciate your help.

Lynne Moore


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Dam another Dell problem. I say that like this because this would happen on my Dell Enspiron 3847 tower as well. Na you're good. Yes for today's standards 4 GB ram is lowish but it's some file got messed up. I thought I saw a youtube video or maybe on another list someone said how to correct this. Darn sorry I can't remember how to fix it. But look it up on youtube I sware I saw a video on how to fix it. Still though. Seriously what up with Dell?


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Subject: [win10] A Question About Updaes


Hello everyone.  I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

I'm hoping some of you could help me out a bit.  I am the not so proud owner of a Dell Inspiron 15 3565 laptop with 4 GB of memory, running jaws 2020, Windows version 1903, OS build 18362.  I do know that this version is soon to be unsupported as of December.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was presented with a feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2.  When I installed it, my computer would not boot all the way into Windows and I eventually had to restart.  Once it finally did restart, it of course told me that my update had failed and it would try again later.  I have attempted the update 3 times with the same results.  I'm trying to stop this feature update from continuing to try to reinstall.  I have googled this and I was told to delete everything in my software distribution folder and that didn't work.

Could anyone give me advice as to how to stop this update from running or how to make it run correctly?  Thank you for any help.  I very much appreciate it.

Lynne Moore












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