Re: Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation


On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 06:56 AM, luke scholey wrote:
Usually when you reinstall it will just put the original drivers back on.
No, not really.   If you restore from the factory restore partition, and I know that Dell has this utility, you get back to "out of the box" state.  And, for myself, I would not call that a completely clean reinstall, but a factory restore.  They're two different things entirely.

If you do a completely clean reinstall of Windows 10 using the Microsoft-supplied installation media, you get the drivers that they have in what I call The Great Microsoft Driver Library in the Cloud, if you did that reinstall with internet connectivity active, or whatever standard drivers Microsoft includes only on the install media if you do it without internet connectivity.

These days, exactly how one handles "going backward" or "going forward" with a full reinstall of Windows 10 will be critically important in determining the device driver set that ends up being used.

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