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Marisane Moruthanyana

Thank you, sir.

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Hi Wally,

Here some text selection keystrokes and below that will be links to join 2
Jaws groups.

Selecting / Highlighting text

Selecting a letter/character; Shift +left arrow selects prior character.
Shift + right arrow selects next character.

Selecting prior word; Insert/Jaws key, shift + left arrow or control,
shift, + left arrow.

Selecting next word; Insert/Jaws key, shift, + right arrow or control,
shift, + right arrow.

Selecting text from cursor to beginning of line; Shift + Home/7 key on
number pad.

Selecting text from cursor to end of line; Shift +End/1 on the number pad.

Selecting text from cursor to the end of a document; Control, shift, +
end/1 key on the number pad.

Selecting text from cursor to the beginning of a document; Control, shift,

+ home/7 key on the number pad.

Selecting more than 1 line of text; Hold the Shift key down while arrowing

up or down until you have selected/highlighted the lines you want.

Selecting all text; Control + A. This keystroke will select all the text
in a document no matter the size or length of the document.

to select a page at a time: shift page up or down

Jaws groups info:

Group 1:
JFW List Group Email Addresses




Group 2:
Group Description

A group to discuss the JAWS for Windows screen reader.

Posting To This Group:

To join this group, send an email to:

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

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Hi tech gurus

I trust you are all well and safe where you are.

I am trying to cope.

1. May I bother you?

With NVDA, one can mark a block of text which one needs to delete.

To do that, you press nvda+shftf9 to mark the beginning of the block
and nvda+shftf10 to mark the end of the block.

How is that done with JAWS?

2. how does one join JAWS mailing list? I am asking this, because I
tried to join in but without success.

Your assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

Wally Marisane: SA

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