Re: In-Place Upgrade from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 - Still Possible in November 2020

Billy Inglis

hi guys, Please no arguments. I will advise her to try find someone to do the job for her.

On 13/11/2020 19:05, Brian Vogel wrote:
            Please do not put words into my mouth that I did not say, and specifically qualified.  I have had many blind individuals do this process individually.  They absolutely CAN do it independently.  That is a completely separate issue than whether they want to, and I have clearly said as much.
            I did not say, nor imply, that any individual, blind, sighted, or in-between should or must do anything.  It is intellectually dishonest to act as if I did.  Cherry picking a small segment of what I said, and I did say what you quoted, sans the rest of the qualifying context is just plain dishonest.
            And I've already said that if this individual cannot or will not do it herself, and she has no one in her personal circle that can or will do it, that the next logical step is, and I quote myself: Hire someone.
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