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chris judge

Hi. To mark a block of text for deletion you can do the following.

Locate the beginning of the text. Press control windows K to mark the beginning of the text. Then navigate to the end of the text and use the layered command insert Spacebar followed by M. This will mark the text. If you want to ascertain that the text selected is correct, press shift insert down arrow to read selected text. You can then delete it, copy it, etc.

Hope this helps. I don't have the subscribe address for the jaws list handy but I'm sure someone will send it out to you soon.


Chris Judge

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Hi tech gurus

I trust you are all well and safe where you are.

I am trying to cope.

1. May I bother you?

With NVDA, one can mark a block of text which one needs to delete.

To do that, you press nvda+shftf9 to mark the beginning of the block and nvda+shftf10 to mark the end of the block.

How is that done with JAWS?

2. how does one join JAWS mailing list? I am asking this, because I tried to join in but without success.

Your assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

Wally Marisane: SA

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